September 11th, 2001: Where Were You?


Thanks to all those who contributed to this project. Nearly everyone I contacted submitted a story, and that my friends, is simply awesome. I’ll write more about this endeavor later, and in a separate post, because the stories on this page should stand together and alone, and speak for themselves.

The submissions are posted in the approximate order I received them. Each article will open in a new window, so just close it to return back to this page to read the next. You’ll find information about the participating writers listed below the links.



I Slept Through It – Carl Polgar

Unable to Talk – Jim Martin

New York, A Love Song – Suzy Eskenazi

Blowing Kisses – Carol

Ten Years – Kristina

My Bubble of Illusion – Wendy Barkett

More Than a Day – Tina Erickson

Don’t You Forget About Me - Melissa Hambrick

Robbed From Armageddon – Tyge O’Donnell

Remembering September 11th, 2001 - Torrygirl

September 11, 2001 - Ian Curious

nine one one (the first minute) – Jill Divine

Remembering September 11, 2001 – Daniel Meyer

Tea for One – Lisha Ross

What Did Emerge – Anonymous Gal

Where Was I… 10 Years Ago Today – Heather Barton

When Will This End? – Darrin Revell

Ten Years Ago – David Weir

Remembering… (Pray for peace) – Nike Binger Marshall

Redefining Loss – JoAnne Bennett



How I Know the Writers


Carl Polgar

A writer, musician, avid photographer and quasi-nomad, Carl and I always meet up for conversation and beer when I visit Nashville. He posts at Honey Brown Blues, and also has a baseball blog, Hammaker Of The Gods, and a band named Paris Street. He’s a good person, but more than anything, he’s a great friend.



Jim Martin

I worked for Jim at the hobby shop for many years and among other things, he influenced me as a writer. We recently got in touch with each other again, and he manages a fabulous website at Jim’s Fabulous Website. His brief story is about his brother David (in the blue shirt) who worked at the World Trade Center.



Suzy Eskenazi

I met Suzy one year ago when I joined her Living With Abandon team for the LIVESTRONG Day Las Vegas bicycle ride. Suzy actively runs around the desert (for fitness, I think) but unfortunately Las Vegas will soon be losing her to Portland, Oregon. I wish her the best, and will continue to follow her by reading her blog, At First Glance.




She writes at Quips & Doodles. She also makes beautiful jewelry and handbags. She’s a fellow cat lover, and although we only met online this past summer, reading Carol’s posts makes me feel like I’ve known her a lot longer.




Kristina was my first serious girlfriend. She’s opinionated, stubborn, defiant, and on top of all that, a helluva writer. She blogs at Sparkles Plenty. Although we’ve only kept in touch sporadically over the years, she was the first person to reply to my request for these 9/11 submissions. I didn’t even have to twist her arm. Thank you Kristina.



Wendy Barkett

I met Wendy this past summer while she was visiting from Texas and searching for information about her biological parents. Wendy blogs at Searching For Truth In Vegas and Beyond, and also has another site dedicated to her mother, Dottye Robertson Moore. Please check-out her links. Wendy deserves a happy ending to her search.



Tina Erickson

A friend since high school, Tina now lives in the San Francisco area. She too is an avid bicycle rider, and she posts photographs from her rides on her Picture Pedaler website. She’s a great friend, and I was fortunate enough to visit with her and her husband when they visited Las Vegas in early 2010. Tina often leaves kind words on my blog posts, and it makes me feel good.



Melissa Hambrick

I’ve known “Missy” since elementary school and thanks to the wonders of social media, we got back in touch a few years ago. I remember her being the smartest girl in school—every single year. Missy writes for,, and has her own personal site at She’s currently working on her own novel.



Tyge O’Donnell

This is me. I started The Neon Lounge on Blogspot in 2007, and transferred it to WordPress at the beginning of this year. I often describe myself as a pessimistic cynic, a fatalistic humanist, but it’s times like this—when people respond to a calling—that I doubt my convictions. It’s times like this when I’m happy to say that I’m wrong about being the person I think I am. I thank all of the writers for this brief moment of clarity. I really do.




She lives down under in Australia. Torrygirl is a formidable online Scrabble opponent, and I enjoy reading her blog, Life in 2D/3D, because it’s not about kids, motherhood, gardening or pets, and the food recipes are kept to a minimum. Torrygirl’s 9/11 story is the only submission I received from outside the United States.



Ian Curious

I found Ian’s Limited Means blog while clicking on the “next blog” button, back when I was on His “no bullshit” style of writing appealed to me, and knowing he lived near New York City (to me Jersey is a block away from NYC) I hoped he’d oblige my request for an article. Ian did, and I thank him for taking the time to write his account of September 11th, 2001.



Jill Divine

Jill lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. She writes and teaches poetry, and has recently opened Gallery 113 located in downtown Flagstaff. I got to meet Jill briefly when she visited Las Vegas some years ago, although we missed each other the last time she came to town. She’s an awesome poet, which her submission will attest to.



Daniel Meyer

I recently met Daniel when I bought a car from him. Daniel is fighting a heart-wrenching battle with a disease he acquired while serving in our military. You can follow his progress and read about his positive outlook on life at DanielMeyerBlog.Com. Although his blog is only a few months old, his posts will humble you.



Lisha Ross

I met Lisha through her sister Shuana, after Lisha returned to the United States from living abroad in China. She currently lives in Las Vegas and is an editor and freelance writer. She’s also a great person to have a few beers with.



Anonymous Gal

I can’t tell you much, other than she’s American and we’ve known each other since childhood. I thank her for coming through with a submission, and for trying to get a few others to do the same.



Heather Barton

We ran into each other in the blogosphere sometime during the past year. Heather writes a spicy little dish of posts on her eponymous blog, and she’s an avid author in the process of getting her work published. She lives down the road in Southern Cali, and I hope one of these days our worlds will collide outside the blogosphere.



Darrin Revell

If you’ve been reading The Neon Lounge for any amount of time you’ll know Darrin is one of my best friends. I knew he’d probably be the last to submit a post, but he did, just like I knew he would. Darrin has been writing his music blog at Page 3oo for years. I think he has everything that was ever released by Frank Sinatra.



David Weir

David has been a writer and/or editor for myriads of publications and websites, including The New York Times and Rolling Stone. In August I posted excerpts from his interview about my father’s atomic bomb photographs. Dave’s personal blog site can be found at Hotweir. Check out Dave’s most recent work at the San Francisco based SF7X7 website. Thanks for your contribution Dave.



Nike Binger Marshall

She was born in Brooklyn, New York, and currently lives in Delaware. Nike has been writing most of her life, and blogs at NikeWrites. She contributed her post after our mutual friend (and fellow 9/11 storywriter) Suzy Eskenazi forwarded her my request. Thanks for the submission Nike, I’m glad you posted your story.



JoAnne Bennett

JoAnne writes at Stories By JoAnne Bennett. She’s a friend of fellow 9/11 storywriter Wendy Barkett. JoAnne’s most recent credits include a story in a book titled, One for the Road and a publication in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School. Her submission somehow got lost on it’s way to me, hence the late addition, but it was well worth the wait. Thanks for contributing JoAnne!


5 comments for “September 11th, 2001: Where Were You?

  1. Jill Divine
    September 12, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    All of these writings are amazing. I loved reading every one of them. So heartfelt and honest. Thank you, Tyge for putting this together.

  2. September 11, 2011 at 9:01 am

    Amazing. Reading about so many different people, and feeling like I know them through you. Thanks for organizing this and for posting how you know each person. Reading how you know them, made reading their own recollections feel more personal, less like reading something by a stranger in the paper.
    It was a month later, Oct 11 which is our wedding anniversary, that we were in Las Vegas. We were there to celebrate our love. We had spent our honeymoon in Las Vegas, a city I have always felt a connection to (and now know why).
    We couldn’t get over the silence of the city, and shed tears as we walked past New York reading the flyers and looking at the photos that people had put there alone the casino.
    The world was touched, and for me this the day ten years later, I was touched by all of the postings your friends took the time to type for your blog.
    Thank you again for organizing it, and for being one of my newest “Vegas” friends.

  3. Rob P
    September 11, 2011 at 7:45 am

    Thank you Tyge for organizing such a talented group of writers and allowing us to read their reflections on the worst of days for this nation. I read them all and look forward to any additions that you may have to that collection.

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